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About me

About me

  • born in 1961

  • Started to ride at the age of 6

  • Studies of agriculture at the university in Bonn, focused on animal breeding (1981-1987)

  • Initiated to classical dressage by a girlfriend of Liselotte Linsenoff

  • 1982 FN licensed riding instructor (Trainer B)

  • Teaching regularly since 1982, students of all levels and ages in dressage

  • 1984 working one year at a Trakehner Stud

  • 1990 examination for the master's certificate in horse breeding and husbandry (FN)

  • Numerous further training with top-class FN riders, as: Harry Boldt, Hubertus Schmidt

  • 1998 first contact with Philippe Karl

  • Five clinics with him in 1999,2000,2001 and working alongside him one year in 2001 at the Trakehner Stud “Webelsgrund”, where my husband was the leader

  • Since then 3 clinics a year with P.Karl for further training,

  • Since 2007 licensed teacher of the Ecole de Légèreté (level III)

  • Since 2011 trainer for those who would like to become a teacher of Ecole de Légèreté (EdL) in Austria and Germany

  • Honorary member of EdL



Through my more than 30 years of experience I know about the pleasures, but especially the needs and concerns of both leisure riders and tournament riders. This helps me to train you competently. In Germany, I am licensed as a "master teacher" to train further instructors in the EdL.

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